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Harvesting Together Guadeloupe – Mobile Evangelism Teams Day 4

Harvesting together Guadeloupe – Mobile Evangelism teams Day 4


Day 4 – Mobile evangelization teams

It’s the last day before the start of Christival and we’re continuing to deploy the mobile teams to preach the gospel at various locations around the island. As for the technical team, they began setting up the stage at 7am for the event to be held the following day. Spiritual pressure is high, a possessed man tried to distract people, the contractor for the Christival stage cancelled at the last minute, a Muslim opposed one of our evangelists. But because Jesus is faithful to his word, we saw 39 people make the decision to follow Jesus, 25 healed, 1 delivered and 2 baptized in the Holy Spirit, with a total of 600 people reached. Hallelujah !

Read the testimonies of our evangelists :

Pierre Benard – Jesus is alive and healing the sick…

Today I prayed for a lady who had a cane. She’d had surgery on both knees but was still in pain. We prayed and she was healed, regained her balance and was able to walk without her cane ! Glory to Jesus ! Then we prayed for Véronique, who had two crutches and very sore knees, a spike in her foot and sciatica in her back. We prayed for her, then she dropped her crutches in amazement and started crying. I was able to take her in my arms, she gave her life to Jesus and her healing brought joy to the whole team ! Véronique left with her crutches under her arm !

Jean-Baptiste – The gospel breaks through walls !

We were in Pointe-à-Pitre with a team of locals ! It was the slowest day of the week. We spread the gospel in the streets of the city, walking and preaching at the same time. Today, I was able to see the effectiveness and impact of proclaiming the gospel. We were crossing a small street where there was no one on the sidewalks, but the surprise was that we stopped there and, a few minutes later, a person came out onto his balcony. He was at home, but through the proclamation, the gospel entered right into his house and he accepted Jesus from his balcony! After that, we asked him to come down and meet him. He came down a few minutes later, filled in a decision card, left his contact details, we prayed for him, blessed him and went on our way…

The power of sharing the gospel through proclamation is that it doesn’t just reach the people we have in front of us or on the street, but crosses walls !

Kristin Höft – The Holy Spirit works ! 

Today, with the team and the locals, we prayed for a woman, laying hands on her to command the spirits to leave. She really felt that the Holy Spirit was giving her joy and that something was moving inside her. But then she told us to stop because it was too strong for her. She wasn’t ready for the spirits to go, but it was a very touching moment and she hugged us all at the end.

Later, my godmother wrote to tell me that she was delighted with what I was experiencing here in Guadeloupe, but also that she would like to have similar experiences with God and open herself up to the Holy Spirit. She’s certainly a Christian, but not “charismatic”. That really touched me! God really spoke to me through this message so that I could take her by the hand at the end of Missionschool and accompany her in her future steps of faith.

Sooprayen Chrys-Morgan – Preach on every occasion ! 

The day went really well. We started evangelizing and two people gave their lives to Jesus. We then moved to another location and I got to see 7 other people give their lives to Jesus and 1 person get healed. I then met a young man of 24 who didn’t know Jesus in depth, so I preached the good news to him, but there was nothing I could do because he lacked confidence and wanted to be sure of what he was going to experience. But the Holy Spirit made me feel that he had to be convinced and that today was the day he had to give his life to Jesus. I noticed a slight limp in his leg, so I asked him what was wrong. He replied that he had an iron plate in his ankle and that it hurt. At that point, I then said to him, “Okay, do you want me to pray for you, for your healing?” He agreed, so I prayed. He was healed, started jumping and finally made a decision for Jesus.

Sasha Vincent – Proclaiming the truth and seeing decisions made for Jesus !

Today was a quieter day, with many of us in places with few people. This morning we went to a residential area and proclaimed the gospel. I prayed for a bus driver who had a bad back, and he was healed. Then I went to see a woman who was Catholic but dissatisfied with her spiritual life. She really wanted to follow Jesus and be baptized as an adult. After a few minutes, she made a decision for Jesus. I was able to take her details and she would be baptized in August in the presence of her partner.

As we continued to proclaim the gospel with the sound system in the pick-up, 5 people gave their lives to Jesus! Glory be to the Lord! Apart from that, I was verbally abused by a very angry Muslim who gave me a speech about slavery, the power of the white man and all the atrocities he said had been committed in the name of Jesus.

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