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We want to love and bless the maximum amount of people in Europe, around the Mediterranean and until the ends of the earth; inviting them to follow Jesus.

What we do

  • Mobilising people for the Vision
  • Equipping them so they can become trainers in order to be a blessing for others.
  • Sending them out to go and meet others
  • Accompanying and supporting them as we are a team.


Equip: Jesus equipped people to do like Him, taking them on a path to learn. Serve people to bring them to a restoration which serves to equip a whole person: Body, soul and Spirit

It manifests through physical, mental and spiritual healings (releasing the captives). Matthew 28 / 18-22: We invest in people in a practical way to enable them to reproduce the same thing. Go to new people. Create links with new communities to plant the good news of Jesus and give birth to believers, movements, churches, who learn and grow around the Word of God in order to put into practice the lifestyle of Jesus.


We offer various training modules and we can also travel to set up these trainings.

  • During a “Mobile Team” (short-term team trip)
  • Become an “Planter”. We offer different formulas.
  • Receive a Trainer (Weekend, Seminars, Conferences,….)

Accompany / Support: We support our people in different ways:

  • Mentoring and Coaching
  • Help raise financial funds
  • Administrative assistance
  • Sharing resources: in fact, through our work with other communities, we have developed a network

Mobilising: We are convinced that Christians have everything they need to do what Jesus has asked of us and to live a multiplication movement. We can live ‘revival’ if I am ‘awake’. The church is strong enough to see a movement like we see in Acts 2000 years ago. Mobilising people to help other people, the same way as Jesus did.  A good way to mobilise people is to bring them to have a personal experience with someone who puts into practice the vision. Participating in a training or a “Mobile Team” (short-term trip) in a country where a partner of mobile teams is active, is an effective way to mobilize people to become actors in this same vision.



Send: Based on Luke 10, Mathew 9, John 14-15 and Mathew 28 we send people to places where God guides us.

The first focus is Europe and the countries around the Mediterranean.

  • We send “Mobile Teams”
    • You can participate in an existing “Mobile Team”
    • You can receive a “Mobile Team” at your home 
    • You can bring in a “Mobile Team” – Organize a short-term trip with your Team.
  • We send Individuals, Couples or Families




Europe is in a spiritual crisis. Currently, less than 2.5% of Europeans are evangelical Christians. Atheism, agnosticism, secularism and Islam are increasing. In Europe, there are villages or towns without a single living church. Thousands of people have never even heard the story from God. While many want nothing to do with “religion,” they are open to having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. We are convinced that we will see the same movements as those that we see in “very closed” countries and where Christians are persecuted like China, India, Africa, the Middle East, ….

Jesus is the same in Europe and the Church has the same Spirit. This is why we will continue to pursue the vision and plant the gospel in Europeans to give birth to new churches which in turn give birth to new churches and until we see a popular movement.


The message of Jesus left Jerusalem 2,000 years ago in all possible directions: coming to Europe through Paul’s journeys and going to North Africa through other disciples of Jesus. We are convinced that God is preparing many people to restore this heritage given years ago to bless the countries of the Mediterranean sea.

The call

In 1991, God called a young German couple to go to France. Björn and Brita Lütke obeyed God’s call and arrived in Marseille. God asked them to go to the roots of the city, remove the root of darkness and sow the seeds of the Kingdom of God. They settled in the “Panier” of the old city of Marseille and began to serve the people there and to be a blessing for the city. God gave them the vision that a blessing will flow from Marseille to the nations. This vision is being realized and developing from year to year.

In progress…

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