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Harvesting Together Guadeloupe – Mobile Evangelism Teams Day 2

Harvesting Together Guadeloupe – Mobile evangelism teams Day 2


Day 2 – Mobile evangelization teams

Deliverance and healing in the streets of Guadeloupe. The blind see and the deaf hear. Jesus works through our teams every day. Yesterday, 53 people made a decision for Jesus and 53 people were also healed! !!! Deaf people began to hear without hearing aids. A demon-laden man began to manifest and the demons threw him to the ground and several demons left him. Our team has never seen so many healings in one day!!!! Thank you so much for your prayers! !!! Here are some testimonies from our evangelists:

Jean-Baptiste – Holy Spirit baptisms at 7:00 a.m.

Today, for the second day, we left our lodgings at 7 a.m. to proclaim the Gospel in Place de la Victoire in Pointe-à-Pitre! I’m still touched by what the Holy Spirit did this morning! I’ll tell you all about it!

We started setting up the equipment, then said to ourselves that before proclaiming the Gospel, we would pray where we were. We started praying and put some instrumental music on our speaker. After a few minutes, a strong presence of God takes place where we are. A song comes to mind, “Agnus Dei”. We put the worship on the speaker and we’re all raising our voices, and God’s presence gets stronger and stronger. I was completely in tears!

The moment continues; we haven’t yet begun to proclaim the Gospel. At the end of the square, I saw some ladies hearing the praise and raising their hands to heaven. I went to see them; they too were touched by the moment. They were Christians, and I asked one of them, “You’re a Christian, but have you had an encounter with the Holy Spirit? Do you speak in tongues?” She replies, “No, but I want to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit!!!”

I begin to pray for her and she is totally filled with the Holy Spirit and begins to speak in tongues! Afterwards, her friend next door, I ask her the same question and she answers me the same thing. What’s more, she tells me, “I’m tormented by depression and anxiety!” I pray for her and cast out any spirit of depression, and she is delivered! After that, she receives the baptism in the Holy Spirit and speaks in tongues!!! But it’s not over yet! While all this was going on, a lady who was just walking by stopped to watch. I asked her if she was a Christian, and she said yes. I ask her if she’s received the Holy Spirit, she says no. I’ll let you guess what happened next: this lady left baptized in the Holy Spirit and speaking in tongues.

All this before I even started evangelizing, at 8:30 a.m.! The Holy Spirit took me by surprise, and I don’t have the words to describe how grateful I am to God for what he did in the space of 10 minutes. The day went on, and there are many more testimonies to go with this one! Healing, people giving their lives to Christ… It was incredible. Jesus is so wonderful, it’s really the most beautiful thing you can see: God transforming lives. All glory to him, amen.

Dinart Jenny – “It’s not possible, I’ve been aching for a very long time.”

Today we were in Pointe-à-Pitre and Saint-François, and it was just incredible. I had really asked God to be able to experience healings, deliverances, to see miracles, and that prayer was answered. We had 16 healings and 13 lives for Jesus, it’s just incredible. I was shocked to see how Jesus works, to see people’s emotions, how they’re touched.
We prayed for a lady who was lonely, and she was really touched by God. She felt a freedom in her heart and in her legs, where she was hurting. It’s just crazy to see the power of Jesus.
And I prayed for a man whose knees had been hurting for a very long time. I prayed at least 3 or 4 times for him, and we saw total healing. He couldn’t believe it, he was so amazed. He said to himself, “But no, it’s not possible, I’ve been in pain for a very long time.” He didn’t even believe it, and then he gave his life to Jesus.

I really got to see the glory of God, it’s just incredible. God is incredible, I love him too much.

Elisa BENKEMMOUN – Sick since birth, but today Jesus healed her

Today was the day my faith grew enormously. With the TWP team and the local team, we proclaimed the gospel in Pointe à Pitre and saw 20 healings! I’d like to tell one in detail! As I was handing out flyers, a young man started up a conversation and his mom joined in. They were Christians, so I asked them if they were baptized in the Holy Spirit, and they were eager to live it out. I began to pray for them and the mother spoke directly in tongues. The son then fell to the ground and began to manifest. I hadn’t talked about liberation with him before, so I wasn’t sure which spirits to take authority for. I then asked the Holy Spirit to reveal what to pray for. He inspired each spirit and as the spirits manifested, they came out one by one. As the spirits manifested, they struggled and stamped their feet against the wall. Then the young man opened his eyes and said, I’m free. His gaze had changed completely. Then, as I helped him to his feet, I saw that his hand was completely tucked up against his forearm. He was a cripple from birth.

I took authority over her hand and she began to straighten up and move back into place before our very eyes! His mother was in tears! It was so beautiful to see Jesus heal him even though he was sick from birth.
There were so many other healings and decisions for Jesus! Within the first few minutes, I had spoken with a man who gave his life to Jesus and was healed of his osteoarthritis!
Thank you, Jesus!

Zachary Geiger – The foot comes out

There are no limits with Jesus! I was with the teams at lunch, we started talking and they said someone was healed, his leg grew and became equal in size with the other leg. I was amazed and said I’d never seen anything like it. I prayed and her leg grew! After lunch, I was with Kristin and she prayed for the same problem and the person’s leg grew, Christine was so excited. Right after Christine told me about the healing she had prayed for, she told me that she too had the same problem, one of her legs was longer than the other. I prayed for her and she too was healed. I learned today how it’s so simple, it’s just having faith in what Jesus did on the cross.

Sasha Vincent – Her sight has been completely restored

We evangelized at PAP today, mainly preaching with microphones and going to people one by one. I enjoyed today even more than yesterday. Last night I was really encouraged by Gaby’s healing testimony and this morning I prayed to the Lord to allow me to experience healing to grow in faith. And so I did! Because God is good. First I prayed for a woman who had osteoarthritis and she felt much better, although I can’t say if she was completely healed. We then prayed for the baptism of the Holy Spirit and I really felt his presence descend on her like fire.
After preaching the healing, a man called me and asked if I could pray for the pain he had in his chest. I did and literally saw (with my spiritual eyes) the pain go up his throat and leave his body. He was completely healed and testified in front of everyone with a microphone. Both people were Christians and one of them is looking for a church, so I’ll give the contact to our local partners here.
The third case is that of a man, Catholic through his parents, who, after a very long conversation, gave his life to Jesus and was healed of one eye following an accident with ammonium. His sight was completely restored and he is now looking for a church.

Sooprayen Chrys-Morgan
Today was another incredible day. I experienced another powerful and incredible moment, I did deliverance on a young man who was possessed, this young man had stabbed his father several times, and today he was able to give his life to Jesus. I saw a man walking on crutches and he was healed.

Hery Pota – Many healings

By the grace of God, we had an extraordinary day! First we went to Pointe-à-Pitre, where the power of Christ worked phenomenally. Arriving early in the morning, I proclaimed the gospel boldly and ardently, as did all my team-mates, and God worked in the hearts of several members of this commune. Located in front of a busy market, the Glory of God touched and saved souls. First, I was able to pray for a man whose knees were aching and who was unable to move at all.

But through the power of Jesus’ name, his knees were completely healed. Then we had a string of 10 healings at the market during the 1-to-1 evangelizations. Cruciate ligaments, arthroses and shifts between the feet were completely healed by the power of the blood of Jesus Christ.

There was also a brightening of the eyes, recovery from shoulder pain and several other miracles in quick succession. Then, in the afternoon, we headed off to the town of Saint-François, where God also accomplished great things. All in all, 200 people reached, 13 decisions, 12 healings this morning and 1 baptism of the Holy Spirit in Point à Pitre. And 50 people reached, 3 decisions and 4 healings in Saint François. All made possible by the one and only power of our God!

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