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Harvesting Together Guadeloupe – Mobile Evangelism Teams Day 5

Harvesting together Guadeloupe – Mobile Evangelism teams Day 5


Day 5 – Mobile Evangelization Teams

The CHRISTival takes place this evening and we continue to invade the city with the Word of God! God is moving forward in Guadeloupe and many people are experiencing the Holy Spirit. We continue to see many healings and many decisions to follow Jesus. Others are greatly encouraged in their walk with the Lord, and everywhere we go blessings are pouring in. Oppositions are an encouragement to us, and we fervently promote the evening, because we know that God will work mightily !

Some testimonials from our evangelists :

Gabriela Guihot – God takes back the field !

Today was a very special day! This morning we were out on the streets of Pointe à Pitre proclaiming the gospel. When I was preaching the gospel with the voice amplifier, some people weren’t happy and started insulting me. But I didn’t let myself be intimidated, and afterwards one of the people listening to us gave his life to Jesus! We continued to preach the gospel in the streets, in several places. Many people heard the Good News and one person was healed of sciatica! I was then able to speak with a lady and despite all the opposition we had during the conversation, this person gave her heart to Jesus and prayed the prayer of repentance.

Jean-Baptiste – The experience of the Holy Spirit…

What a wonderful day !

This morning, we invaded the streets of Pointe-à-Pitre with the Gospel! We did a lot of promotion for the first evening of the CHRISTival, which takes place that very evening! While we were out on the streets, I met a young man who had accepted Jesus! I prayed for him to have an encounter with the Holy Spirit. At the end of the prayer, he looked at me in amazement, telling me it was the first time he’d ever felt God’s presence !

Mathieu Convers – Christ is a way…

This Friday we returned to Port Louis with Alexis, Hery and Alysa. We joined the team of an evangelical Baptist church on site and proclaimed and evangelized together in the city center. With Hery we met Naomie, a believer with 2 young children, who shared with us the problems she was experiencing with her partner. We were able to encourage her to begin a process of forgiveness, and she ended up wanting to be baptized soon! At the end of the morning, we went to the beach and met a radiant Christian woman, Brigitte! We were able to pray for her sciatica, which had set in a few days earlier, and she was now pain-free! After a dip in the sea, we headed back to Point à Pitre. We encourage everyone we meet to come to the CHRISTival tonight!

As I was handing out some flyers for the event, I met Flavien, father of 2 boys, and told him about the festival. We had a wonderful conversation. He’s a scientist, but he’s also very spiritual, despite his reticence about religion and the Bible. I was able to show him the beauty of the Word of God through prophetic passages such as Isaiah 53 and Psalms 22. He was touched and many barriers and preconceptions were broken down.

Later, with Sasha, we prayed for Emmanuel, a Christian already baptized in the Holy Spirit, who escaped during the prayer of deliverance. We ran to catch him! We were able to encourage him and pray for him, especially for the fear and dread of man. I had a prophetic image for him of a lawnmower, and he told us it spoke to him as he works in green spaces.

Rey Yannick – Impacting the city before the CHRISTival !

This morning, we were able to finish handing out the last of the flyers to invite as many people as possible to the CHRISTival, and I really appreciated that the people we were talking to had already received a flyer or had already seen us evangelizing at the market the day before and remembered us! This first evening of CHRISTival will be a highlight !

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