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Harvesting Together Guadeloupe – Mobile Teams – Day 1

Harvesting together Guadeloupe – Mobile Teams – Day 1


Day 1 – Mobile evangelism teams

What a first day! The first team of five was already out on the streets of Guadeloupe at 6.00 am to preach the gospel. May 27 was a special day, the day of the abolition of slavery. On this holiday, the local population organized a relay race that ran for several kilometers along the coast of “Basse Terre”. The race started at 6.00 a.m. and Team 1 of the Mobile Teams was present at the start of the race. The other teams positioned themselves at strategic points along the coast until the finish line. We are happy to report that in total over 500 people were touched by the Gospel and 36 of them made the decision to follow Jesus. In addition, one team experienced numerous healings in a street where no one was to be seen, but after a time of preaching and prayer for the sick, people gradually came out of the houses to testify of their healing.

We look forward to the next few days.

Some testimonies from our evangelists :

Kristin Höft – A deaf man hears

We left at 5:20am to evangelize at an abolitionist event. I was so tired, but the morning started with something that absolutely inspired me for the whole day. I saw with my own eyes how a man who was completely deaf was able to hear again after a healing prayer. That was the first time I had ever seen anything like it. That was incredible for me!
By the way, I prayed for healing on the microphone for the first time on the street and a woman came to us from her house afterwards, she had heart problems (fear and anxiety) and was healed during the prayer.
She then shared about her healing over the microphone to encourage other residents to come out of their homes as well.
I was completely encouraged to see that God used my prayer so powerfully that even people who were simply standing behind the windows were healed and then came out into the street to share their testimonies.
I also prayed with Marie-Christine for a woman who had pain in her knee and she was completely healed. Later, she also gave her life to Jesus.

BENARD Pierre – Words of knowledge

Today we evangelized in Vieux-Habitants. We preached the gospel over the microphone and did 1 to 1 prayers for some sick people, I had words of knowledge. When we were talking to a young girl, she said that she had a tremor like epilepsy and I received in my heart that this had happened after sexual abuse. I said to her, “It may sound strange what I’m about to tell you, but were you perhaps abused as a child? She confirmed, so I told her we would pray about it. She put her hand on her stomach and I prayed for her soul for restoration. I also received that God was really calling her to serve Him and she told us that she was going to give her life to Jesus tonight.
Alain gave his life to Jesus and I prayed for his knee, it was healed. It was better at first, I repeated it and he was completely healed. He gave his life to Jesus. And we also prayed for comfort/healing after his separation from his wife. He was mightily blessed.

Gabriela Guihot – Flames on the television

Today we went to Petit-Bourg with the team to share the love of Jesus. We were at the start of a race celebrating the abolition of slavery, and thanks to our sound system, the race was able to start because their system was down! Before it started, we were all able to praise God together and a journalist filmed us, this video was broadcast on a TV station in Guadeloupe and Martinique and viewers said that while we were praising, they saw flames on their TVs! The Holy Spirit has worked, this is wonderful!!!
Afterwards we were able to pray for a deaf man, we commanded the spirit of deafness to leave his body and God healed him, he can now hear fully!!!! Glory be to God!
It was beautiful to see how God worked in this city, how the inhabitants were healed and restored by God.

Zachary Geiger – An entire family saved

Today has left its mark on me! We started approaching two men in the group, I started talking to one of them and learned that he had back pain that scored a 5 on a scale of 10. So I started praying first and it reduced to a scale of 1 and I prayed a second time and he was completely healed. I asked him if he had really given his life to Jesus, he said yes and he was a bit under the influence of alcohol so there wasn’t much opportunity to talk but his daughter saw what had happened and she had pain in her knee and heel.I explained that I would pray for her and after that that she would put her faith into action. As I prayed for her, she was healed immediately and I will remember her reaction forever, she was so joyful. I began to explain that the same Jesus who had just healed her also gave his life for her. She ended up giving her life to Jesus, she just filled the contact with her name because she was young. I went off and started explaining to our team why only her name was on the contact card and the team replied, “Don’t worry, we talked to her mom, she gave her life to Jesus too!”. That touched me!!! I found out later that we also talked to her uncle who also gave his life to Jesus !!!! Jesus saved a whole family through us today! He healed the father, the daughter, the mother and the uncle, and they gave their lives to Jesus.

Sooprayen Chrys-Morgan – Healings on the balcony

Today Jesus performed miracles. I saw the glory of God and others saw his glory, many people were touched by his fire of healing. We preached healing in a neighborhood where people were standing on their balconies. At first the street was empty and from her house a woman was healed in the heart. She went down and testified of what God had done for her and gave her life to Jesus. We had many healings and we shared the gospel as we went. We went from neighborhood to neighborhood, people were touched and healed, we prayed for people to be baptized by the Holy Spirit and people were baptized by the Holy Spirit, we prayed, we praised and the Holy Spirit was present throughout the day.

Sandra Ramage

This day touched my heart deeply as it marked my first experience on the ground with this campaign with Together We Plant. It was also the commemoration day of the abolition of slavery and to celebrate this event, a race was organized by Guadeloupe.

Our team met at the end of the race in Vieux-Habitants, where a large crowd was present. The beginning was not easy for me, but as I approached people in twos and threes, the conversations became more fluid.

One moment that particularly stuck in my memory was meeting two 14-year-old girls accompanied by Michel and Matthieu. I was deeply moved by their thirst for knowledge and their attentive listening. When we told them about Jesus and repentance, I could see all the sincerity that emanated from them and the openness of their hearts. I suggested that they give their lives to Jesus and emphasized how important and serious such a decision is. Their response was an open and honest “yes”, expressing their burning desire for conversion. One of them was even set free from a tormenting spirit.

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