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Day 1 – Guadeloupe – Harvesting Together

Day 1 – Guadeloupe – Harvesting together


Day 1 “Harvesting together”.

This was our first day here in Guadeloupe with the team from France. In the morning we all met together as a team for the first time to give instructions and pray for the evangelism times we will have. Afterwards we went to the town “le moule” to meet with hundreds of other Christians from different churches on the island to walk through the streets and celebrate the name of Jesus together. The atmosphere was very joyful and festive. At the end of the march, we gathered in a square where a podium had already been set up with a worship team welcoming all these Christians. It was a very encouraging day to begin the ten days of evangelism that lie ahead. We were able to mobilize the public for the Christival that will take place next weekend on three evenings in Pointe-à-Pitre on the Place de la victoire. It was a good start for the “Harvesting together” project.

Our team members report on this first day.

Elisa Benkemmoun

The March for Jesus marked the beginning of our mission here in Guadeloupe. Witnessing the fire of Guadeloupeans to see the name of Jesus lifted up was very powerful. What struck me during our walk was that many people were shouting “Jesus loves you” or “Jesus lives” at passersby or cars. They had this heart to cry out loud and clear for the one who saved them. I enjoyed connecting with the locals to learn more about them before we started the week of evangelism.

Christian Fouret

You could feel the joy of the believers, which was well expressed through the songs and also through their bodies.
When we reached the center of Moule, I saw the impact that this march had on the inhabitants.
Some of those affected felt the presence of Jesus, others showed their anger and one even shouted as we passed by.
You can see that there are always good and bad reactions when Jesus is there, that’s cool.
A beautiful day for Jesus.
I liked the simplicity and the joy with which we praised the Lord at the end.

Hery Pota

Today, by God’s grace, we had the wonderful opportunity to have an extraordinary experience in Guadeloupe by participating in the “March for Jesus” event. Hundreds of joyful people praising God in an incredible dynamic throughout the program. Praise, worship, new encounters and fraternal fellowship are the best words to describe this peaceful moment.

At the end of the march, we had the opportunity to participate in a praise moment to close the event. There was a succession of dancing, singing and huge joy for all. We had the opportunity to introduce ourselves to the public as a missionary group coming from Marseille to evangelize. We were also able to share the flyers for the unmissable Christival event that will take place next week.

For my part, I had already participated in the March for Jesus several times in France, but I must admit that this one in Guadeloupe was particularly special because of the anointing and the immense presence of God among us. We hope and firmly believe that we will save countless souls in the coming week as we evangelize by God’s grace!

Kristin Höft

Today I took part in the “March for Jesus” in Guadeloupe.
I didn’t feel very well all morning, I had stomach pains and felt dizzy. I was afraid it would get worse (the long walk and the heat). It got worse during the car ride and I thought for a moment about saying I couldn’t come. But God really wanted me to be there.
As we drove off, the pain disappeared in one fell swoop. It was a wow moment.

The “March for Jesus” was really powerful. I had never participated in a march like this before and to see so many people taking to the streets in unity for Jesus touched me so much. We are the body of Jesus, through him we are united and there are no barriers.
I ended up having a Holy Spirit impression as we finished the march and worshipped together and prayed for the island, where I saw thousands of children whose eyes had a completely blank look at first. But then I saw those same children when they were a few years older and they were worshipping God with joy and enthusiasm. Their eyes were shining. God showed me his heart for the children here and his gaze on them. I started crying, it was really touching. He wants to change this generation here so much and his heart bleeds for them.

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