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Evangelistic Campaign La Romana

Evangelistic campaign La Romana


 God put it on our hearts to come to the Caribbean and do an evangelistic campaign. 

 In 2019 my wife, Janna Reichor, had a dream from god.  In this dream we saw: 

  • a movement of multiplying disciples, 
  • people getting delivered from evil spirits, 
  • we, receiving a legacy from Reinhard Bonnke for mass evangelism,  
  • a big crowd coming together to hear from Jesus,  
  • and the voice of God saying, “Come into the Caribbean “. 


 Three years later we did the CfaN Bootcamp and we met other people who had the heart to do evangelization campaigns in the Caribbean.  

 We have formed a team: 

 – Me and my wife, Manuel & Janna  

 Reichör with our minister “Mobile Teams – Together we plant” 

 – the evangelist Alexander Wurm, director of cfan Caribbean 

 – and Evangelist Juan Lucas Roselli with his “Comisionados” ministry 

 We formed a team to do a first evangelistic campaign in the Dominican Republic. 

With my wife Janna, we knew that God is leading us through all of this. So we decided to go for three months to the Dominican Republic to direct the preparations for the Campaign. 

I left on February 22 and my wife and our 4 children joined me on March 24, 2022. 


1 day, May 13, 2022: 

 on May 13, 2022 it has been two and a half months since I’ve been in La Romana, the Dominican Republic.  It was the first evening of our crusade.  At 7:00 p.m. our program began. 

we saw more and more people coming. 

It was wonderful to see becoming reality what we have prepared for 2,5 month. 

It was up to me to preach the gospel, and after me the evangelist Juan Lucas Roselli prayed for the sick. 

 My message was based on freedom in Christ, being redeemed and obedience to follow Jesus.  Many of the people in DOMREP are “believing in Jesus” but do not follow him.  In other words, “believing but not practicing”.  A strong Christian religiosity reigns in this country.  

 God put on my heart to talk about what it means to follow Jesus based on Luke 6,46-49.  About losing your life, being a disciple, dying to yourself and doing what Jesus asks to be done… 

 That evening, 21 people took the decision for the first time in their live to not just “believe in Jesus” but to follow Him as Lord and Savior.  

After me Juan Lucas prayed for the sick and for deliverance.  Several people were miraculously healed.  A ball of cancer disappeared from a woman. 

Another person had his knee healed.  He testified that he had metals in his knee and that he could not bend it before.  After praying he was able to bend his knee without pain and problems. 

Jesus is good! 


Day 2, May 14th 2022 


I was very happy that day. I knew that we are in what god called us to do. I knew that Jesus will save and heal again tonight. 

And I was thankful that we were here as a family! My wife and kids have been present in everything. We have been on a mission together for more than 13 years. It is a privilege to experience this second day at la romana together. 

It was Juan Lucas who preached the gospel and I prayed for the sick and for deliverance. Despite a bit of rain that started, people stayed with their umbrellas and chairs over their heads.  

After the preaching on repentance and the story of Zacchaeus, 13 People made a decision for the first time in their lives to follow Jesus. 

I was very happy to be able to serve the sick. I called all the sick to come to the front of the stage to pray for them. A crowd came to the stage. After praying for them we called those who were healed to come and testify. 

One person testified that they had been stiff-necked for more than 20 years. Tonight, she could turn her head without trouble and pain. Jesus restores everything. 

Another person had been healed in the back and stomach. More than 15 years of pain and that evening, Jesus restored everything. 

day 3, May 15, 2022: 

The last evening was very special. 

It was the last. Evangelist Alexander Wurm preached the gospel. He had at heart to take a lot of time for the altar call. Tonight the 86 cards were filled out. 

I did the teaching part on the baptism of the Holy Spirit and then we planned to pray all 3 together for people. 

The moment I started to explain that the holy spirit is a helper and power to be sent and to do the things that Jesus also did; the generator blew up. No more electricity. Everything was black. But with the interpreter we projected the voice and we began to pray for the baptism of the Holy Spirit. The people in front of the stage began to pray, praise God and certain to manifest. Then everyone started singing “hallelujah”. Without current, without technical intervention, only the crowd and the hearts. It was wonderful ! 

Finally, we blessed and sent the people to do the works of a disciple with the power of the Holy Spirit! 

It was a special weekend. Because several things came together. 

The same weekend Israel had its 74th anniversary as a state. 

Sunday evening there was a total lunar eclipse and the moon turned red. 

And the sign of god for me personally -> in total 120 documented people made a decision to follow Jesus! It’s not just a number for me. But god spoke to me. 

At the inauguration of the Temple of Solomon in the Old Testament, 120 priests were present to consecrate the temple to God. God filled the temple with his presence. 

At Pentecost, 120 people were present and were filled with the holy spirit. God inaugurated his new temple, the disciples of Jesus. 

La Romana on may 15th, 2022, 120 people made a decision to be a temple of the living god through Jesus. It’s not just a number, but it’s a sign from God for me personally. I was very encouraged and Jesus glorified his name! 

Some numbers in total: 

  • 2,5 months of preparation.  
  • around 80 churches and 650 volunteers signed up formally for the crusade.  
  • Total Mobilization/attendance during the 3 days: around 10 000.  
  • Filled out following Jesus cards : 120 !!  


Together we plant the gospel !!! 


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