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The last few days at the Summer O’s have been very encouraging. In the old port, some people were baptized with the Holy Spirit. One woman explained that she felt something happening in her jaw and she had a desire to talk. Then she opened her mouth and began speaking in other tongues. 

On Friday, the last day of Summer O’s, we had a morning session where we equipped the participants for discipleship by giving them tools. Maike Rey trained them in groups and went through the tools with them. 

After that we had another teaching session about casting out demons and freedom. During the teaching, some realized that they needed freedom. We prayed in groups for the participants and the Holy Spirit set free. It was a very intense morning. You can watch a testimony from a person who experienced deliverance in THIS VIDEO. 

In the evening we organized a special meeting to baptize. In total we baptized 5 people! It was a very special celebration. Jesus saves people from their sin!!! We are very grateful for what we were able to experience at the Summer O’ 2022. 

Here are a few numbers of what happened in the port: 

People reached in the old port: 2500 

Decisions to follow Jesus: 13 

Healings: 7 

Deliverances: 10 

Baptisms: 5 

Holy Spirit baptisms: 4 

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