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CfaN Fire Camp 2024, Marseille

CfaN Fire Camp 2024, Marseille

The Fire Camp took place in Marseille from May 6 to May 11, 2024. This event brought together 36 evangelists and 9 coaches for a week of intensive training and street evangelism. The main objective was to train and encourage participants to share the Gospel on the streets of Marseille, helping them overcome their fears and develop their skills as evangelists.

During these six days, participants engaged in various activities, including:

For some students, it was their first time preaching on the streets. Thanks to their enthusiasm and dedication, in just a few hours, 45 people decided to follow Jesus.

Coaches provided constant support and practical advice to help the evangelists improve and gain confidence.

Wednesday, May 8: Arrival of the Olympic Flame

  This day was particularly memorable as the Olympic flame arrived in Marseille. This occasion was marked by the special presence of evangelist Ben Fitzgerald, who added an extra dimension to the event.

Jesus Party

  On the evening of May 8, a prophetic evening called the “Jesus Party” was organized. This evening was an intense celebration where the flame of the Holy Spirit was powerfully felt. Many participants were freed from the fear of man, leading to deep personal transformations and a renewal of their faith.

Impact and Testimonials:

The Fire Camp had a significant impact on all participants. The evangelists not only acquired new skills and overcame their apprehensions, but they also experienced enriching spiritual experiences. The presence of Ben Fitzgerald and the symbolism of the Olympic flame strengthened the sense of unity and mission among the participants.

During the evangelism outings, several people experienced the power of the Holy Spirit in tangible ways. For example, a person suffering from ulcers felt movements in their stomach while being prayed for healing. Moved by this sensation, they declared: “There is something in my stomach that is moving. When placing a hand on my stomach, I feel it moving and working inside.” These manifestations of divine power strengthened the faith of the evangelists and served as living testimonies of God’s intervention.

Another participant stated that this training strengthened him so much that he asked if the same training could be conducted in Benin. Another participant said that God confirmed his calling as an evangelist during the camp.

The collected testimonials show that many were inspired and encouraged to continue their ministry with renewed fervor. Personal transformation and spiritual growth were at the heart of this exceptional week.

The Fire Camp in Marseille was a resounding success. With 45 new decisions for Jesus in just a few hours and deeply transformed participants, the event demonstrated the importance of such initiatives for spiritual growth and evangelism. The positive outcomes of this camp will be felt for a long time, both among the evangelists and those who were touched by their message.

We will organize other fire camps in the future to continue training and inspiring evangelists in the French speaking world.

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